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Shrinkage (A good thing?)

Shrinkage is so annoying. The word makes me cringe. It is something that all natural girls try to run away from.

Natural hair shrinkage is basically what it sounds like, it’s when curls go from a stretched out and lengthy form to a tight, more compacted coil. As hair dries or loses its moisture, each strand contracts and becomes shorter in length.

Although shrinkage is the most annoying part of your styling hair journey ,shrinkage isn't a sign of unhealthy hair.

Shrinkage is a sign of good hair health.

When your hair experiences shrinkage it means:

Elasticity is Good

Shrinkage tends to mean that your hair has greater elasticity and doesn't break off as easily. Elasticity equates to stronger hair.

Good Hair Health

A lot of shrinkage, means that your hair hasn’t been damaged by heat or chemical styling. Your coils or curls has the ability to bounce back. When this occurs, this means your hair is in a healthy state.

You can apply minimal heat to style

Typically those with more shrinkage can revert back without worry after heat-styling.

Tips on dealing with Shrinkage:

  • Wet twist hair and then apply low heat

  • Low heat and pre-stretch hair then two strand twist

  • Trim ends (split ends in the summer causes more frizz leading to more shrinkage

  • Stretch from roots with a pick comb or wide tooth comb

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