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8 Reasons why your hair is not growing

It can get very frustrating in your hair growth journey when your hair is at a standstill. It’s either growing and breaking off at the same time or it seems to not pass a certain length. Here at eight reasons as to why your hair may not be growing.

Hair products

The hair products that we use are very important. The ingredients matter and a lot of products have harsh chemicals and certain alcohols in it that will dry and damage the hair. So it may be time to start using treatment and styling products that contain natural ingredients and not harsh chemicals. Make sure to always read the labels and pay attention to what’s in your products.

Split Ends

I will be first to say that I hate trimming my ends. It is vital to cut dead ends. Although it’s the ends that are split if they are not cut off the split begins to travel up the hair shaft and cause more damage.

Nutritional deficiencies

You are what you eat and if your body is lacking certain vitamins and nutrients then it will reflect in your hair. So drinking lots of water and maintaining a healthy diet will help with improving your overall hair health.

Excess stress

Stress really breaks down the body. Stress can move a big number of hair follicles into the Telogen stage of hair growth (the shedding stage). Stress and hair loss doesn't always have to be permanent. And if you get your stress under control, your hair might grow back.


Constant use of heat especially on high temperatures causes so much damage.

Use low heat or take breaks in styles that need heat.

Over processing

Constant overuse of perms, relaxers, hair dyes, and bleaching stunts the growth and leads to damage hair beyond repair.

Aggressive styling

Tight hairstyles that put too much tension on the hair and scalp can cause hair breakage. It will cause balding and bruising on the scalp as a result the hair will not grow in certain areas.

Poor haircare routine

A proper hair care routine and being consistent with it will improve your hair and increase hair growth.

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