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Relaxed Hair Can Be Healthy

Natural hair is not for everybody. Some choose to get a relaxer for their own reasons. If chemical processed hair is taken care of and done correctly, then relaxed hair can be just as strong and just as healthy as hair left in its natural state. The same practices that are used to grow natural hair applies to relaxed hair. You should moisturize daily, use heat even more sparingly and use protective styles.

Relaxed hair undergoes controlled damage in order to become straight. Relaxed hair is when curly or coily hair that is chemically straightened with a chemical cream called a relaxer. During the process the hair cuticles, penetrates the cortex, and breaks down the bonds that make a hair strand curl. The only way to undo a relaxer is to cut it out of the hair.

It goes without saying that all hair should be nurtured, but unfortunately relaxed manes require even more special treatment because they’ve been processed so heavily. When relaxed your hair is going to be damaged at least slightly. However, maintaining straight hair in a healthy fashion is possible as long as you follow several simple steps.

Tips on maintaining healthy relaxed hair:

• Seek a professional hair stylist

• Choose little to no heat styling methods

• Protect at night

• Condition Condition Condition

• Trim as needed

When treating chemical processed hair it is always best to use all-natural products. Resolve your hair issues with Makingsofabrowngirl hair care.

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